Safety Tips

Unfortunately accidents can happen when you least expect it so please make sure you know the risks of storing and using any volatile solvent such as Pure322, Nbutane, Isobutane, Propane, Ethanol or Ether. Using any volatile solvent to extract your botanical oils can be highly explosive and in some cases even be deadly. Understanding the risks and dangers should be just as important as extracting your botanical oils and should never be over looked. Our Product Pure322 is a liquefied gas under pressure and is HIGHLY FLAMMABLE!  Pure322 can cause explosions under the right conditions and in result of this it can be fatal. 

What Not To Do!

  • Never Leave/Store any volatile solvents especially pure322 in any enclosed spaces not limited to: fridges, freezer, display cases/shelves, cabinets or vehicles.
  • Never Leave/Store any aerosol cans especially VOLATILE SOLVENTS in temperatures exceeding 120 Degrees Or Below -140 Degrees. 
  • Never use volatile solvents near open flames, or anything that can spark or create static electricity.
  • Never store your extracted botanical oils in the fridge or freezer unless the volatile solvent has been completely evaporated from your extraction. If you ignore this factor you can cause an explosion from the remaining solvent left in your botanical oil being stored in an enclosed space with a possible ignition source to ignite the vapors.
  • Keep your volatile solvent especially pure322 out of direct sunlight. 
  • Never use any volatile solvents especially pure322 indoors. 
  • Never use any cooking ovens or cooking stoves to evaporate your extracted botanical oils from the solvents being used.
  • Never use any hot cooking plates to evaporate your extracted botanical oils from the solvents being used. 
  • Keep your volatile solvent aerosol cans away from children or anyone who is under the age of 18 years old.   



Extracting any botanical oil using any volatile solvent such as but not limited to: Nbutane, Isobutane, Ethanol, Propane, Hextane, Pentane, Dimethly Ether is very dangerous and never should be done indoors. Do Not Over Look This Warning! Please take 10 mins of your time to watch the video to the right. This video demonstrates how dangerous extracting botanical oils can be and if you’re extracting botanical oils that just might be cannabis it is highly illegal. Extracting botanical oils from fruits or vegetables still can be just as dangerous and before doing this you should check in with your local authorities to see if you might need a licence to extract.

Viewers Discretion Advised