Extracting botanical oil has NEVER been so easy, Pure322 is the best alternative solvent to butane! 

Our solvent is Eco-Friendly and is backed with a satisfaction guarantee!  

Warning Dont Try To Refill Your Butane Torches or Lighters. 

Pure322 is not butane nor is it a replacement gas for your refillable lighters or torches! Pure322 is an alternative to the use of butane for extracting your botanical oils not fuel for your lighters or torches. If you try to refill your lighters or torches expect to be seriously injured or expect your equipment to break.  


Never Grind!

Never grind your material!

Grinding your material is not a process that should be taken using Pure322, doing this will cause the extraction of chlorophyll! Grinding your material is a Butane method and should never be done using our solvent. Saturation and vapor pressure will destroy the color your looking for!


Never Soak!!

NEVER Soak or give your material a “bath! 

Doing this will result in pulling chlorophyll our solvent is not Nbutane and this technique should only be used by butane extractions. Your tube should be gently packed and the solvent should flow though evenly with no back pressure build up.  


Never Use Plastic!

Plastic should never be used while extracting with Pure322, our solvent is much more volatile than Nbutane. Using plastics such as rubber bands, plastic extraction tubes with break during the extraction process. Additionally with using closed loops systems the gaskets should be rated for propane or co2, the reason why your gaskets need to be rated properly is because Pure322 has a boiling point of -12 degrees F and will break the gaskets.


Never Pack Too Tight!

Never pack your material too tight, this method should never be done! Our solvent should have no restrictions!!! Our solvent has 1 polar head and 2 non polar tails, packing your material too tight will cause saturation and vapor pressure in turn will create “heat transfer”. We are 100% sure having your material packed too tight will cause a dark colored extraction. 


Never Extract Indoors!

Our solvent is extremely flammable and can cause death or bodily harm if used indoors, the only time you should extract indoors is if you’re a licensed extracting facility that is regulated by the state. Additionally air purification should always be done outside or in a well ventilated area. 

Terpenes play a key role in differentiating the effects of various botanical strains. Some terpenes promote relaxation and stress-relief, while others promote focus and acuity. The importance of preserving terpenes/terpenoids mainly focus on its medical properties and its benefits. Extracting your plant matter using an organic solvent like pure322 is beneficial because our organic solvent has zero impurities containing no heavy metals or cancer causing agents.

How does pure322 preserve terpenes?? 

  1. The preservation phase begins with inter mass transfer through the cell membrane. Pure322 has better solute solubilization due to the ability to be a hydrogen bond acceptor and the miscibility of pure322 with cellular water. 
  2. Using heat is not required to purify the extraction, by reducing or eliminating the heat this will ensure the preservation of the terpenes.

Why Choose Pure322


Metavega has developed an Eco-Friendly Liquefied Dimethyl Ether (LDE) extraction process for the extraction of botanical oils without compromising the authentic and genuine aromatic and therapeutic natural properties. Our LDE process is superior to n-butane because its

  • High Trichome Recovery: Nearly, 95% of the natural products found in botanical oils are derived from the plant’s grandular trichomes. Independent research studies have demonstrated that our LDE extraction process is superior to all known methods for the extraction of botanical oils from grandular trichomes. Our LDE extraction process is amphiphilic by design where dimethyl ether has a polar head and two non-polar tails making it soluble in both hydrophilic (water-loving, polar) and lipophilic (fat-loving, non-polar).  Dimethyl ether is perfectly suited to penetrate the waxy non-polar surface layer of the trichome and extract 100% of the non-polar terpenes and other essential botanical oils from the water inside. Alternatively, n-butane is completely non-polar solvent and the trichome’s cellular water exhibits strong repulsion forces.
  • Mild Extraction Methods: The conventional toxic solvents n-butane, n-hexane require high process temperatures to boil them from the botanical oil extract. Despite best efforts, these toxic solvents are easily detectable in high concentrations (1000mg/kg) by chemical analysis (GC-MS). That greatly compromises the quality and composition of the botanical oil extract. Our LDE extraction process is performed at room temperature (70oF/21oC) and the dimethyl ether (b.p. = -11.2oF) boils off when released. The dimethyl ether is undetectable in the botanical oils by (GC-MS) chemical analysis. Our LDE extraction process is designed to be mild, with NO PURGE NEEDED, as to preserve the integrity of thermally sensitive natural products found in botanical oils. Our LDE process preserves the quality and composition of the botanical oil extract.
  • Eco-Friendly: Conventional industrial solvents like n-butane, n-hexane, toluene, and dichloromethane contain detectable levels of toxic heavy metals. The inherent toxicity of these fossil fuel hydrocarbons have had a detrimental impact on the human health and the environment. The dimethyl ether for our LDE extraction process originates from animal, food, and agricultural biomass. It is free of toxic heavy metals like Arsenic, Barium, Lead, and Mercury.

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Are we affiliated with our competitors?

Absolutely NOT, we here at Pure322 believe strongly in preserving the integrity and the trust of our customers. There has been a strong correlation between our competitors and many false claims! It is important to us to differentiate our selves from our competitors to show those who have tried or used Dimethyl Ether in the past that Pure322 will always provide factual claims that can be verified.

False Claims & Misrepresented Information

Dimethyl Ether (Organic Solvent) is NOT FDA approved for extraction! If you DONT believe us just give them a call and ask for yourself. 

 1-888-INFO-FDA (1-888-463-6332)

DME is NOT lighter than air!

DME explosion rate is JUST as explosive as any butane product!

Dimethyl Ether is NOT safe enough to use in any enclosed spaces such as:

  • Garages
  • Spare bedrooms
  • Cellars
  • Attics
  • Sunrooms

Our competitors Listed above is not 100% DME, CO2 is in their formula which will cause a very dark extraction due to the polarity of CO2.   

Learn by Doing

Learning how to extract can seem complex, but it is very simple once you know how to do it!

Essential oil is a valued component of plants. It is used in cosmetics, aromatherapy and medicine across the world. Wither if your material is dried flowers or trimming that was collected, extracting your essential oil will become second nature. Before you consider extracting please take it in account that it is very dangerous and should never be done indoors. Take a look at the video to the right, this video demonstrates how the gas liquefies the material and converts it to oil. Once you review this video please know it took about 45 minutes for Pure322 to completely evaporate creating a byproduct that can be used. 


Before you go out and try to extract your own oils make sure you follow a few important steps.


Step 1: Make sure you’re using precautionary measure’s to extract in the safest way.

  • “If your unsure please look up information regarding safety measure’s for extracting using ANY “solvents”.

Step 2: NEVER use Pure322 or any solvent indoors unless your home or facility is state inspected and approved for extracting!

  • If you choose to use Pure322 in your home the risk of fire, injury or fatalities will increase dramatically. “Warning Do Not Attempt to extract in your home”
  • The reason behind “Do Not Use Indoors” is because Pure322 is heavier than air, while using this product during the extracting process the gas that is released from the can could collect and become vapor dense creating a bomb like energy. Pure322 is odor less so there is no way of telling if your collecting gas or not!  

Step 3: Use the appropriate equipment- NEVER use anything PLASTIC such as:

  • Extraction Tubes
  • Rubber Bands
  • Zip Ties

DME (Organic Solvent) is much colder than butane and will destroy any opportunity for you to extract safely. Your plastic extraction tube will crack/explode, your rubber bands/zip ties will bust causing your material to be displaced due to the pressure that is built up.

Step 4: Knowing & Understanding your results may vary and why!

Depending on the flower or trim being used your results will vary! Unless you grew and harvested the flower yourself there will be no way for you to ever compare your results to what you might have seen in the past by using Nbutane. Should you see darker color in your oils? Again that will be contingent on your material being used or the temperature of the solvent being used”. Just like any another method of volatile solvent extractions your results will vary, giving you many types of oils. Using Nbutane will not give you better yields or color’s, again it is up to the material being used and the temperature of the volatile solvent!

Will your extraction be 100% free of heavy metals? That’s going to vary as well.

There can be many factors changing the purity of your product, first is are you using tap water? or distilled water? In studies that have been released it shows heavy metals can be found in majority of all tap water that is consumed by the public. There also have been findings that some plants contain heavy metals in them as well. So again unless you have grown your material there will be no way to tell if your oil will be free from heavy metals.


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Achieve your goals

Nearly, 95% of the natural products found in botanical oils are derived from the plant’s grandular trichomes. Independent research studies have demonstrated that our LDE extraction process is superior to all known methods for the extraction of botanical oils from grandular trichomes. Our LDE is perfectly suited to penetrate the waxy non-polar surface layer of the trichome and extract 100% of the non-polar terpenes and other essential botanical oils from the cellular water inside.